Great Diving in the Great Lakes

Diventures jumped into H2022 with a big splash!

Join us as we celebrate the new year and our latest location in Battle Creek, Michigan, and great diving in the Great Lakes!

There are many reasons to be excited about Sub-Aquatic Sports and Service joining our team, but we are most excited to share the news about the great diving in the great lakes that we now offer through them! Read all about the new location here!

Rick and Kim Sass of Sub-Aquatic Sports and Service, where SASS Divers comes from, built a phenomenal dive community over the last forty years. Many of our team members had the pleasure of meeting them in early January. They came away excited about the wealth of dive opportunities that SASS brings to the Diventures family of divers. Read all about the new location here!

More Diving Adventures!

The outgoing, fun, and knowledgeable couple have led trips for years to far-flung places such as Truk Lagoon, a ​time capsule from 1944. The Pacific campaign of WWII was in full gear. Japan occupied Truk, and its harbor offered perfect anchorage for the Imperial Fleet. Perfect, that is until the U.S. found out about it. On an early morning in February, a 3-day attack called Operation Hailstone wiped out almost anything of value in Truk Lagoon. This included 60 ships and 275 airplanes. Today, all this wreckage lies on the ocean bottom as a tomb and testament to a war long past.  

How about Yap in Micronesia? Be some of the privileged few to see the unique and stunning marine life that lives there. Early on, the Yapese people recognized this exceptional environment and moved to protect the mantas. In 2008, they passed legislation that preserves 8,243 square miles of habitat. This also protects other marine creatures. It is common to run across cuttlefish, octopus, eagle rays, and sea turtles during a dive. Unlikely yet possible sightings include orcas, mola molas, and whalesharks. Fingers crossed! And now, these incredible adventures are part of Diventures portfolio of trips! Check them out here!

*Truk and Yap are closed to tourists now, and we are hoping they are open by the fall!

Great Diving in the Great Lakes!

But, what sets this new location apart for our Diventures diving community is the incredible access to diving in the Great Lakes this summer. The Great Lakes are always open! There is something for every diver in the Great Lakes, from fun beginning dives to challenging explorations for the advanced diver as they navigate their way through stunning shipwrecks. Want to learn more about the shipwrecks of the Great Lakes? Check out for a deeper dive into the history of our lakes. If you’re a big history buff, you may even want to check out the upcoming Great Lakes Shipwreck Festival at

Make it part of your summer travel.

How about a weekend in beautiful Mackinac Island this summer to explore the rich history of shipwrecks under the waves here? Or, check out the infamous Iron Sides for the more advanced diver? Take your diving to new places and make it a part of your summer travel! It’s the perfect opportunity for a weekend getaway or a summer trip to remember. Diventures can certify everyone in your crew from ten years and up! Get more info on dates and dives here!

Rick and Kim recommend diving the Great Lakes with a 7mm or a drysuit. Luckily for our divers, we are well stocked to either rent or purchase! Call you local shop to order or reserve yours for the summer! Don’t forget our Take-a-Tank program too. You can’t get a better deal for local diving!

Happy diving and a hearty welcome to our newest diving family in Michigan! We’re all looking forward to great diving in the Great Lakes! 

Ready to explore great diving in the Great Lakes?

Make diving in the US part of this year’s summer travel with Diventures!