Fun Olaf in a Pool after Swim Snack!

Enjoy this fun winter-themed swim snack with Olaf! A special thank you to kidfriendlythingstodo for this recipe!

Jello Olaf in a pool snack

Olaf after swim snack

 Fun Olaf in a Pool after swim snack!


  1. Blue Jello
  2. Mini and halved full-size marshmallows
  3. Small tubes of orange, black, and brown frosting for decorating

Poor and set blue Jello in single-serving cups before swim lessons.

  1. Use mini marshmallows for the legs and neck.
  2. Use a halved full size marshmallow for Olaf’s tummy and head.
  3. Decorate with orange frosting for his carrot nose, black for the coal buttons and eyes, and brown for his stick arms and hair.


 Because Jello takes a little time to set up…The jello portion will need to be prepared in advance. Jello, even though solid will still transfer moisture to your decorations. Serve this treat within a few minutes – to about 30 minutes of adding the marshmallow and frosting Olaf, but…Olaf (with some adaptions) can partially be made ahead of time. 

 You can easily make the Jello cups the day before and store them covered in the fridge

 Food Decorations to prepare right before snack time!
Hold off on the frosting arms that sit right on top of the Jello until you are ready to serve – the water in the Jello will interact with the frosting (his stick arms will melt into a puddle -poor Olaf!)

Even after the Jello has set, you might need to keep it refrigerated.  Because you’ll need to cover the dish to store it in the refrigerator, you might want to wait on the hair or the clear wrap could smudge it=)

 Honestly, you don’t need to fuss too much about the particulars – like possible soggy marshmallows. This adorable Olaf will steal the show!

 *Note- If stored overnight with marshmallows on top, the marshmallows will take on some water and be a bit soggy on the bottom. If you are talking – only an hour, the marshmallows shouldn’t take on very little to only trace amounts of water.


Enjoy! And, as Olaf says, “I love happy endings!”