Meet Erika Roberts. Assistant Instructor Trainer, Adaptive Diving Instructor, and Service Tech extraordinaire at Diventures in Omaha.

Erika LOVES to travel. Her most recent trips have taken her to Cozumel, Grand Turk, and Hawaii. She describes herself as a shark lover and mermaid at heart. Erika always has a GoPro with her to capture amazing dive moments. 

Up next on Erika’s list? Costa Rica in October! We can’t wait to see her GoPro footage afterward!

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Travel with Diventures

Just like Erika, Diventures travels all over the world in search of adventure and fun. And the good news is, you can too!

Diventures hosts a variety of trips from the Caribbean, to Africa, to Southeast Asia. And next year they are projected to schedule over 100 trips throughout the year.

Some of the most popular islands to visit include Grand Turk, St. Lucia, and the Cozumel.

Booking these trips happens months in advance. Click here to get more info on specific trips and prices.