Our dive pros rounded up the latest and greatest holiday gifts from Diventures that will knock the fins off the special diver in your life. Or, indulge in some merry and bright self-care for yourself!

Dive Computers

Shearwater Teric


The Teric dive computer is popular with Diventures staff for good reason! This cutting-edge and reliable dive computer combines intuitive controls and menu navigation along with a bright, vivid color display. With a high degree of customization, the Teric brings divers a timepiece and dive computer of unprecedented capabilities and style.


ScubaPro G2



Dive Smarter. Easier. Better with the ScubaPro G2.The most The most unique thing about the G2 is YOU. ONLY SCUBAPRO computers utilize heart rate, skin temperature, breathing rate, and water temp when calculating diving profiles. These patented features, only available on SCUBAPRO computers, put the G2 into a league of its own. 


Suunto D5

Suunto D5

Connect your two lives; underwater and on land with Suunto D5. Suunto D5 is designed to be so clear and easy-to-use that you can just enjoy and focus on exploring the wonderful underwater world. When not diving, connect wirelessly to Suunto app and receive notifications from the applications you use. Have fun changing up the style of this versatile watch by choosing your favorite color or just by simply changing the straps to match your looks.


Suunto Eon Core

Suunto Eon Core

A great dive companion! Whether you are just beginning diving or an active diver exploring new depths. The key details of your dive are easy to read from the clear color display with large, prominent digits. This fully-featured and versatile dive computer is your reliable partner no matter if you’re exploring shipwrecks or admiring the colorful marine life.


Suunto Tank Pod Transmitter

tank pod

The Suunto Tank POD is a wireless tank pressure transmitter that allows you to view current tank pressure with just a glance at your wrist. The robust digital communications technology brings not only improved stability but also new features such as multiple tank pressure readings.


Suunto Bundle

$200 off! When you bundle a Suunto Tank Pod with either the Suunto Eon Core or D5. Take advantage of this great savings! 


ScubaPro Uwatec 3


The Scuba Pro 3 Gauge Console is a lightweight and compact console with a durable impact-resistant boot that accommodates the pressure, depth gauges, and compass. The Scuba Pro 3 Gauge Console is great as a primary or backup instrument for recreational or more experienced divers. This compact all-in-one console has recessed instrument compartments to protect the instrument’s face. The boot is equipped with multiple lanyard attachment points to keep the instruments close at hand and not damage the marine environment.


Oceanic Pro Plus 4


Bigger & better than ever, the ProPlus 4.0 features the latest Bluetooth 4.0 technology. Now divers can adjust & customize all their dive features on the go pre-& post-dive. ProPlus 4.0 boasts a new display area, wider font size, and 22% larger digits than its predecessor (ProPlus 3), making it clearer & easier-to-read than ever before. With Bluetooth compatibility, ProPlus 4.0 adds to Oceanic’s commitment to growing the largest family of Bluetooth-compatible computers available to divers.



Light and Motion Gobe 1000

Gobe 1000

The ultimate compact light for underwater imaging, the GoBe 1000 Wide easily integrates with an action tray or compact camera housing. A smooth reflector with an innovative micro-peened inset provides a wide 60° beam void of hotspots or hard edges; video is enhanced with a velvety, uniform lighting characteristic. Fast Charge electronics ensure full performance on multi-dive days and the sealed battery with external charging is the preferred platform for flood-free reliability. Bring GoBe topside as well, patented cooling design allows the light to be used at full performance in the air for ultimate versatility.


Sola 2000

sola 2000

Class-leading performance and reliability in a lightweight, travel-friendly design, the Dive 2000 S/F features a powerful dual-beam design with 2000 lumens in a 60-degree flood and a 600 lumen 12-degree spot beam. With regulated output, reliable external charging, and included comfortable hand strap – no other light in its class can match the value of the Dive 2000 S/F.



ScubaPro MK11 C370

ScubaPro MK11 C370

The MK11/C370 is a great choice for dive-trekkers. The balanced diaphragm MK11, with its chrome-plated brass body specially designed to reduce size and weight, is an ideal travel companion. Its system features internal parts that are sealed from the elements. The new C370 brings forth the best features of its predecessor, the C350, while adding a balanced valve to its design. Its new exhaust tee, based on the S620 Ti’s design, contributes to a 10% improvement in work of breathing over the C350. With this regulator system in your dive bag you’ll be ready to hit the water.


Atomic Z2 and Z3

Atomic Z2 and Z3

Affordability without shortcuts. The Atomic Z Series offers a unique combination of performance, ergonomics, features, and materials. All in our most cost-efficient regulator system without compromising performance or durability.


ScubaPro MK17 EVO

ScubaPro MK17 EVO

Built to deliver a steady supply of air in harsh diving conditions, when the going gets rough, the MK17 EVO/A700 gets going. The MK17 EVO is completely sealed off from the elements, ensuring trouble-free operation no matter how cold or murky the water gets. It is more compact than its predecessor, yet delivers better breathing performance. Its improved internal design allows more airflow from the LP ports which have been reconfigured for better hose routing. The A700 offers extraordinary breathing performance in a precision-handcrafted, full-metal package. Built for demanding divers and demanding conditions, with this reg system you can always be confident of your next breath. Ideal for cave and wreck diving too.


Atomic B2

Atomic B2

Atomic’s most popular regulator, the B2 system combines the signature second stage design and materials of the T3 with a Chrome-plated Brass first stage. The result is an incredibly high-performance regulator system that is approachable for every diver and every budget.


Atomic ST1

Atomic ST1

Beautifully machined. Beautiful performance. And it keeps the oceans beautiful, too. As the first “Green” regulator ever designed, the ST1 is made of a special grade of 316 Stainless Steel that is 100% recyclable. The ST1 offers superior corrosion-resistance and does not require Chrome or Nickel-plating processes that create environmental concerns.


Atomic T25


Incredibly tough and stunningly beautiful, Atomic’s ultra-exclusive T25 Limited-Edition Anniversary Regulator celebrates 25 years of superlative design, engineering, and performance. Representing decades of breakthroughs—and breaking the rules—the T25 is a highly-evolved version of the iconic T3 all-Titanium regulator. But it’s designed using even more exotic processes, elevating it into “Diamond” status.



SeaLife Phone Case

SeaLife Phone Case

Experience unforgettable underwater adventure with your smartphone and SeaLife SportDiver housing. Ergonomic design and intuitive controls make it easy to use, producing amazing results. Works with most Android models and iPhone 7 and up.


SeaLife Reefmaster

SeaLife Reefmaster

Capture vibrant 14mp still images and brilliant 4K video with an ultra-compact camera specially designed for the underwater environment with the ReefMaster RM-4K. Waterproof to 130ft/40m, the ReefMaster RM-4K underwater camera is a game-changer in underwater imaging; the housing is robust and designed to be hand-held, tray mounted, or worn on your head, mask or body. The ReefMaster Dive housing assures consistent waterproof performance with its “Pressure-Lock” sealing system.


SeaLife Seadragon 2000


The Sea Dragon 2000F light features a COB LED array that offers a very favorable color temperature and color rendering for today’s sophisticated compact digital cameras that by design, require plenty of natural light in order to produce colorful still and video images. The Sea Dragon 2000F closely mimics natural sunlight.


SeaLife Aquapod Selfie Stick

selfie stick

The SeaLife AquaPod Mini lets you to get your camera close to both land and sea creatures while maintaining your distance, and allows you to get that perfect shot of yourself amidst all of the action.



Atomic BC2

Atomic BC2

We couldn’t have a tech gear guide without mentioning the Atomic BC2!


Wetsuits and Drysuits

Bare 3mm Reactive Wetsuit

Bare 3mm Reactive Wetsuit

Just released at Diventures. A major step in wetsuit innovation, the Reactive 3mm wetsuit uses Graphene OMNIRED, warming the wearer with their own body heat and maximizing comfort. Lab tests have shown a 5-degree Celsius temp increase over the original OMNIRED technology!


Yukon DUI Drysuit

Yukon DUI Drysuit

Check out DUI’s newest innovation – FreedomForm™ Technology in the Yukon II Drysuit. Yukon has continued to push the limits of drysuit manufacturing, and your diver will love this world-class drysuit that opens up new diving experiences in colder waters and can extend their diving season by months.  This suit pairs perfectly with the ScubaPro MK17 EVO regulator.


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