Founded by Omaha-natives Amy Begley and Brian Leichner after visiting Roatan on vacation, Friends of Roatan’s mission is to improve the life of the islanders through the empowerment of education and resources. In collaboration with the people of the island, Friends of Roatan has developed three initial missions to support the island’s residents.

Improve the lives of the children who live in Flowers Bay
As a result of the pandemic, Roatan is experiencing devastating economic burdens due to the decrease in tourism. In addition, the pandemic has caused the schools in Roatan to go virtual with no plans to return to traditional classrooms in the foreseeable future. Access to computers and Wifi is an obstacle for many families. The community center offers 40 students access to computers, Wifi and tutors that will assist the students with their studies. In addition, the center offers classes in English, Art and Music.

Expand the diabetic outreach program of Clinica Esperanza
The not-for-profit clinic on Roatan, founded by Peggy Stranges, serves the healthcare needs of the impoverished people of the island. The clinic provides access to free/affordable care in a safe and caring environment. With over 2,400 known diabetics on the island and only 900 currently being treated at the Clinic, Friends of Roatan has partnered with Clinica Esperanza to expand their Diabetic Outreach Program to help provide much-needed medication, quarterly visits and consistent testing to decrease the complications that occur when this disease is untreated.

Help the residents of St. Helene recovery their island
With only 900 inhabitants, St. Helene is a small island off the coast of Roatan. Currently, the Honduran government does not provide organized sanitation to the people of St Helene. As a result, garbage is polluting the freshwater supply and compromising the integrity of the Mesoamerican reef which surrounds Roatan and all its Bay Islands. Friends of Roatan is working to organize a sanitation plan to improve both access to healthy living and a healthy environment.

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Friends of Roatan is an Omaha-based not-for-profit focused on empowering the residents of the island of Roatan through education and resources. Collaborating with Roatan residents to identify the needs of the island, Friends of Roatan also partners with volunteers, donors, company sponsors and other not-for-profits to the necessary resources to meet identified needs. Friends of Roatan is proud to partner with the following corporate sponsors to address its initiatives: Election Systems & Software, PRO Insurance Resources and Diventures. For more information on Friends of Roatan, visit or follow Friends of Roatan on Facebook and Instagram.