Beth VanPelt, Store Manager at Diventures Lexington, KY, breaks down what it means to be a great dive buddy.

dive buddy

For me, Valentine’s Day isn’t just about my partner or friends, it’s also about dive buddy love! Great dive buddies not only make your dives enjoyable but are also the people who can help you in an emergency should one arise.

I have been honored to have (in my opinion) the absolute best dive buddies on the planet since I was certified, and here is what I think makes them excellent:


1. They make every part of your trip fun, even the commute and surface intervals.

2. They are passionate about diving.

3. They are optimistic and have a positive attitude.

dive buddy
dive buddy

4. They take care of their equipment and have it serviced regularly.

5. They are divers who constantly practice their skills.

6. They are cool, calm and collected in an emergency situation.

7. They have a routine that they stick to for their equipment setup, buddy check and pre-dive habits.

8. They are inclusive and patient. When I was a “baby” diver, they took me under their wings to show me the ropes, without ever complaining about diving with a “newbie”.

9. They never pressure anyone to dive beyond their limits or comfort level.

10. They can be trusted with your life.

dive buddy

I am beyond grateful for my dive buddies in Diventures Lexington.

Thank you to all of my dive buddies who have shaped me into who I am today and made every dive the best dive ever!



About Diventures:

Diventures was founded in 2009, with one location in Omaha, Nebraska. We continue to expand with more than a dozen locations across the U.S. Diventures provides concierge-level customer service for swim lessons, scuba certifications, equipment sales and service, and group and private travel. Diventures is committed to safety and fun in the water, as well as giving back to support local and global communities. Employing hundreds of people and serving thousands of customers per year, Diventures uses their passion, and the power of the water, to impact lives and change the world… and have fun doing it!

dive buddy

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