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03/25/2023 - 04/01/2023

Divers from all over the world travel to Barbados to experience the warm water temperatures, the sea turtles, and explore the shipwrecks.

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Dominica – SOLD OUT

03/25/2023 - 04/01/2023

Dominica is one of the few places in the world where you can swim with sperm whales. And if you're lucky you'll spot seahorses, turtles and dolphins.

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04/01/2023 - 04/08/2023

Cozumel is an easy trip from the United States and offers some of the best diving in the world. One of the many reasons Cozumel is a bucket list location for divers is the incredible drift diving.

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04/23/2023 - 05/03/2023

You’ve reached the ocean floor, pinnacles tower above you as schools of fish race by. You’re surrounded by walls of vibrant colors. You’ve never seen anything quite like it. You continue your journey through the garden of coral excited about what you’ll see next.

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Cozumel – SOLD OUT

04/29/2023 - 05/06/2023

Spend Cinco de Mayo in Isla Cozumel! As the second-largest barrier reef in the world, the Mesoamerican reef offers a massive variety of coral that creates a maze of swim-throughs and walls. Not only is Cozumel known for its beautiful reef, but it also has an abundance of marine life.

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Grand Cayman

05/13/2023 - 05/20/2023

With its great visibility, colorful swim-throughs, and amazing shipwrecks, it’s no wonder the Cayman Islands are known as a world-class dive destination. The diverse array of underwater attractions makes Grand Cayman a great place for beginners and advanced divers. With over 200 dive sites, you’re bound to see a few sea turtles, nurse sharks, and stingrays.

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Komodo – SOLD OUT

06/02/2023 - 06/014/2023

Rugged and wild adventure describe Komodo best. Home to the infamous Komodo Dragons, Komodo is one of the most species-diverse locations in Indonesia.

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Belize – 3 SPOTS OPEN

06/03/2023 - 06/10/2023

Belize is a wall diver's paradise adorned with huge crimson gorgonians and giant orange elephant ear sponges.

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Galapagos – 1 FEMALE SPOT OPEN

06/5/2023 - 06/12/2023

Join us as we venture to Galapagos! It is unquestionably the hammerhead shark capital of the world – but also home to the sleek Galapagos shark, horn sharks, white tips, silkies, and the occasional pelagic visitors like the tiger shark.

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St. Lucia

06/10/2023 - 06/17/2023

Diving in St. Lucia is like diving through a kaleidoscope of color. The clear blue waters allow you to immerse yourself in a rainbow of coral, sponges, and marine life. Because of the 60-100 ft visibility, you’ll be able to get an up-close look at sea creatures most people only see in the movies.

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st. lucia