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Getting your Open Water Diving Certificate is a big deal. The other 70% of the world is open to you now. You can dive, explore, experience, and see the magic and wonder of our beautiful planet under the waves. Become a Master Diver and fully experience all that scuba diving offers!

No one certifies more divers in the US than Diventures. From Try Scuba classes to joining the ranks of professional divers, the thousands of divers safely certified with us come back from the waves with stories of transformation, adventures, joy, and a newfound passion that pours color into their lives.

Your Open Water Diving Certification gives you the keys to the kingdom.

Now, imagine getting even more keys that open up shipwrecks, night dives, creative spaces, and more far-flung places.

As a master diver, you’ll have the inside track on conservation efforts, knowledge of identifying the abundant life on the reef, the shallows, and the deep. You may choose to learn how to take National Geographic-worthy underwater photos and videos. Or, become the guru of all the diving tips and tricks to be as comfortable as possible in your gear. Our master divers also gain the confidence to take on advanced dives like a pro, handle emergencies, and even get recognized as a true friend and ally of our oceans. You can even learn to service your gear to make your investment last even longer and keep you safe.

This is your journey.

Whether you want to pursue becoming a professional diver or experiencing a richer diving experience, become a Master Diver with Diventures and make it happen!

Big news!

Diventures is redefining the dive industry and a part of that is leveling up all the perks and benefits of becoming a Master Diver through us. When you become a Master Diver with us you get special perks, drool-worthy prizes, and serious recognition of your elite status in the dive community only available through Diventures Master Diver Program. Read on for the details!

What it takes to become a Master Diver with Diventures and SSI

Diventures’ Master Diver program empowers you to achieve the top echelon of scuba divers. To gain your certification, you need to complete:

A powerful combination of experience and knowledge.

The Master Diver Program gives the comfort and confidence to experience and enjoy so much more.

Diventures’ teaches the Scuba School International (SSI) Master Diver program. SSI’s Master Diver rating is an elite recognition of knowledge, skills, and experience. By completing the five specialty programs, and logging 50 open water dives, you will automatically earn the SSI Master Diver recognition rating, as well as the SSI specialty course certifications.

So, if you’re ready to up your diving skills, consider becoming a Master Diver and sign up here!

It’s your journey.
We’re the guides to get you there safely.

Some divers want to explore caves, others crave the beauty of the reefs, while some are ready to plunge the depths. We have all the options for you to create a custom and tailored journey to your exact needs. Ready for a shark dive and join a conservation trek to tag hammerheads off the coast of Ecuador? Would you rather capture the colorful cast of characters that have plenty of personality on the reefs? Do you want to help preserve the reef by spearfishing invasive species like lionfish? Or, how about diving historic wrecks like Blackbeard’s Queen Ann or exploring Cleopatra’s sunken palace? Become a master diver and truly experience all that scuba offers.


Start your next adventure now!

Diventures Master Diver Program prepares to you confidently and safely join an elite cadre of divers.

Elite Status, Perks, Premium Prizes, and Swag

When you become a Master Diver with Diventures, not only are you entered in SSI’s vacation of a lifetime contest, but starting in 2022 you also get a second chance of winning a dream dive trip with Diventures! Diventures is known around the world for having the best dive trips. We cater to you and give each diver the personal and caring attention they deserve.

After completing 50 dives and five classes in the Master Diver program this year you are eligible to win:

1. A trip for two through SSI on the Grand Turk or Caicos Live Aboard Agressor II

2. A trip for two of phenomenal diving on a Diventures trip

3. A custom-designed Master Diver backpack

4.Gear from our world-class scuba retail centers with premium vendors

Everyone completing the Master Diver program will receive the following gear not available to the general public. 

1. A Master Diver Jacket

2. A Master Diver patch for your gear

3. A commemorative Master Diver coin

4. The perfect Master Diver surface internal and beach hat.


Master Diver SSI Trip

Specialty Classes to start your Master Diver Journey!

This course will introduce you to a variety of boat diving techniques, specialized equipment, equipment stowing, and more. 

Dive to 130 feet in places where only a few have explored before. Learn about descent lines, high-performance regulators, heavier lift BCs, backup tanks, and more. 

DAN’s Diving Emergency Management Provider program prepares you to handle multifaceted accidents with confidence. You will learn CPR and first aid, neurological assessment, emergency oxygen for diving injuries, and first aid for hazardous marine life injuries. 

Learn accident prevention, how to avoid, recognize and solve problems on land or under the water, and rescue skills. 

Dry suit diving gives you the opportunity to extend your diving to cold water environments. You’ll learn how to use and maintain your dry suit. 

Learn how to have longer repetitive dive times with less nitrogen build up in your body. 

Learn how to fit, adjust, maintain, and make immediate small repairs to your scuba equipment.  

Learn how to navigate with a compass, estimate distances, identify marking points, return to the exit point, and more. 

When the sun goes down, there’s a whole different side of the underwater world. Learn specialty equipment and communication skills. 

Buoyancy control is one of the most important skills for a diver to learn. 

Learn to take consistent, quality underwater photos for diving memories that last a lifetime.  

Learn about the theory behind decompression limits, the origins of tides, how to calculate air consumption formulas, and other dive theory topics. If you enjoy STEM, you’ll love this class. 

Learn proper search patterns, how to handle lift bags, and to bring heavy objects securely to the surface. 

Learn the etiquette and ethics of spearfishing, plus safety procedures, and an intro to spearfishing equipment – how to select, use, and maintain your gear.  

Learn the skills and knowledge required to conduct dives from shore, in currents, and in different types of waves. Plus, how water motion can affect your diving experience. 

Explore shipwrecks firsthand. Learn how to get the most out of each wreck dive with proper techniques, research, and how to locate wrecks. 

I am the next Master Diver!

Diventures Master Diver Program prepares to you confidently and safely join an elite cadre of divers.