Diventures Jr. Open Water Diver Certification is a unique and wonderful program for kids!

Our young scuba divers prove that diving isn’t just for adults. Children as young as ten can learn to dive at Diventures. Diventures offers a Junior Open Water Diver certification program specifically designed for kids and their young imaginations.

Junior Open Water Diver

Junior Open Water Divers is designed for kids 10-14 years old. It has three sections like the adult course: home study, academic reviews and pool sessions, and open water training dives.

Once your child accomplishes the remarkable goal of being a young diver, they are certified to dive to 40 feet with a certified adult. This course is available for children 12-14 years olds. 10 and 11-year-olds can be certified through private classes. Once your young explorer turns 15, they automatically get their certification upgraded to an Open Water Diver! And, this certification will last a lifetime!

Take advantage of the Junior Open Water Diver program for your child or grandchild.

This program is truly unique, especially in the midwest! Giving the gift of scuba to a child is a powerful way to open doors to a world of wonder, adventure, and fun that will last a lifetime!

Learn more about  Jr. Open Water Diver Certification here!

If you’d like more information on the benefits of diving for children, check out this diving blog for great information. 

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