Scuba Rangers

Designed for water-loving kids ages 8-12, the Scuba Rangers program starts with a camp and leads to a scuba diving club for kids.


A new world of underwater fun

Does your child have an interest in scuba diving and marine life? Scuba Ranger is a camp program that can help your kids explore their underwater curiosity and give them valuable lifelong skills too. Best of all, it’s so focused on fun, they won’t even realize they’re learning so much in the process!

Scuba Ranger is for kids 8 through 12 with strong swimming skills and is designed to give your child:

  • Impressive skills at a young age: They’ll gain a basic understanding of snorkeling, scuba, gear and other fundamentals in a safe pool environment with a certified instructor.
  • Marine life knowledge: Your child will explore and learn about underwater species, organisms, and the delicate underwater ecosystem.
  • Fun, fun, and more fun: They’ll get guidance from Captain Kelp, Puffer, and other entertaining characters. Every camp includes a variety of exciting activities and fun challenges.
  • Opportunities to advance: Your kids “ladder up” through five Scuba Ranger levels. Plus, specialty classes offer the chance to continue their thrilling journey!
Scuba Ranger Class

What to bring

  • Bathing suit, rash guard, and towel
  • Mask, snorkel, boots, and fins

What’s included:

  • Classroom orientation and pool sessions
  • Scuba Rangers manual/workbook
  • Scuba Ranger logbook
  • Use of Scuba Ranger gear
  • SSI Scuba Ranger Club Card

Get started

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What’s next

After becoming a Scuba Ranger, students can complete specialty classes or join us for Youth Diving Nights to enhance their skills and diving knowledge.

Scuba Ranger specialty classes

After your child earns their special Scuba Ranger membership card, they grow into the scuba diving club and can complete specialty classes like Night Ranger, Navigation Ranger, and Marine Life Ranger. Plus they can earn their Scuba Rangers Intermediate, Advanced, and Master Ranger certifications. Your child can also participate in Youth Diving nights to enhance their skills and diving knowledge.

Scuba Rangers also join a network of other young divers who share the same interests and hobbies. Adventures they can participate in include Scuba Ranger field trips to aquariums, special swimming sessions, movies, and other fun learning activities.

Search specialties

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Civic Ranger

Rangers are encouraged to help in their home and community. Each time a Ranger helps their family or participates in community events, the individual they help signs off in their Ranger Log. Once a Ranger has completed all 12 sign-off locations, they receive recognition and credit for their Civic Ranger Specialty.

Computer Ranger

This class familiarizes Rangers with how computers are utilized in diving and research. Rangers will learn how to find diving-based websites and will experience the use of a diving computer in the pool. This course is valuable both in and out of the water, as these skills will assist Rangers in future academic and diving careers.

Deep Ranger

Rangers will become more comfortable with deep water to improve their diving abilities. Rangers will learn about how pressure affects divers underwater and why equalizing is so important, as they grow closer to becoming Junior Open Water Divers.

Equipment Ranger

Rangers will learn basic equipment repair skills and get familiar with different types of scuba equipment they may encounter. Rangers will learn about O-rings, mask straps, fin straps, dive lights, cameras, and lift bags.

Marine Life Ranger

Rangers will learn about different types of marine life and the animals that live underwater. This course may include classroom work with photos and videos or a trip to the aquarium.

Maze Ranger

This class gives Rangers the opportunity to practice their skills through a variety of different stations set up in the shallow area of the pool. Each station has a specific skill to learn. After completing the skill, Rangers move on to the next station.

Mile Ranger

Rangers will learn to swim a full mile in the pool with the assistance of a mask, fins, and snorkel over several sessions. They can achieve their goal at their own pace or on a specific schedule while learning and discussing the importance of healthy exercise.

Navigation Ranger

Rangers will be introduced to compass and natural navigation techniques and will practice course-plotting, calculation drifts, and currents. Once in the pool, Rangers will use compass headings to find coins at the bottom of the pool.

Night Ranger

Rangers will practice skills in a dark pool, a fun experience guaranteed to build dive knowledge and confidence.

Rescue Ranger

This class familiarizes Rangers with the basic skills associated with both water rescue techniques and land rescue techniques. This is not a First Aid or Stress and Rescue course, but an introduction to what is involved with rescue situations. Rangers will learn common rescue techniques, signs and symptoms of stress in swimmers and divers, and various first aid techniques, including 100% oxygen administration.

Search Ranger

Rangers will learn basic techniques used for locating objects in the water. These skills are applicable to underwater and surface searches. Rangers will use compasses, circle searches, grid searches, and square searches.

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