Dive Safety Officer (DSO)

Mitigate risks for a safer dive operation

This course was created by Divers Alert Network (DAN) and is built on decades of research, knowledge, and first-hand experience. It is for dive operations (dive shops, resorts, dive teams, aquariums, zoos, etc.) and dive professionals who want to elevate their dive safety knowledge and build a culture of safety in their operations. It teaches operators and professionals how to identify and assist in mitigating technical and operational risks across the range of dive-related activities.

What is a Dive Safety Officer?

A Dive Safety Officer (DSO) is someone who will pay specific attention to how the diving business and its related operations work. This person needs to be dedicated to establishing, monitoring, improving, and maintaining the systems needed for safety.

DSOs are typically dive professionals seeking to advance their careers as dedicated safety officers, primarily in recreational scuba diving operations. DSO applies to scientific, photographic, public service, and aquarium diving operations.


Created by DAN and “Powered by Diventures”

Diventures and DAN created a professional training partnership to bring the DAN DSO course and certification to dive operators and professionals worldwide. “By collaborating with Diventures, we will be able to reach more dive operators,” says Francois Burman, Vice President of Safety Services at DAN and original creator of the course. “DAN’s vision is to make every dive accident- and injury-free. Diventures’ commitment to safety and their broad footprint will help make this vision a reality.”

“At Diventures, safety is our number one priority. Our dive professionals, trip leaders, and store operators have always found enormous value in DAN’s courses, and we know they make our industry safer,” says Dean Hollis, founder of Diventures. “We’re thrilled to deploy our talented team and resources to expand the availability of DAN DSO training.”

Who teaches the course?

Claude Smith, an SSI Instructor Certifier and Platinum Pro 5000 Instructor, leads DSO instruction for DAN and Diventures. Smith’s extensive industry experience spans decades in varied dive operations, including retail facilities, charter boat operations, and international travel destinations, as well as leading hundreds of bus trips to the Florida Keys with Diventures. Smith is also a DAN Instructor Trainer and PSI/PCI Instructor.

What does the DSO course include?

This is a 40-hour course covering 22 important topics. We offer blended learning with in-person and virtual components. Prospective DSOs can complete their training on-site at their dive operation, or at select Diventures locations throughout the country.

Training topics include basic fire awareness, oxygen cleaning, Hazard Identification and Risk Assessment (HIRA), recompression, emergency action plans, right of refusal, sustainable business practices, ecological aspects, and much more.

Where is the course available?

You can choose to take the course at your location or travel to Diventures!

Our pricing for courses we travel to is based on North American or Caribbean destinations. We charge a flat fee of $4,500 for up to 8 participants. Please inquire for pricing in other markets.

If you are willing to travel to Atlanta, Georgia (or another Diventures location), you can take part in a training at our location(s). These courses are $1,000 per participant, plus your travel expenses.

Build a safer industry, become a DSO

You can register for a class using the link below. You can choose a “holder” class without a date and we’ll follow up to coordinate training at a date and location that works for you.

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