Summer was a busy season at our scuba and swim schools! Not only were our pools packed full of new skills and fun, but they were also spent in our community libraries and schools teaching students about water safety and the underwater world. 

We’ve made it our mission to educate children about the importance of water safety. To help in that, we’ve partnered with the American Red Cross to provide free interactive presentations designed for kids, kindergarten through sixth grade to teach the importance of water safety.

Columbia, MO 

Our scuba friends in Columbia, MO are experts in all things scuba. Connor Hendricks, our Scuba Experience Manager and Open Water Diver Instructor, had a great time at the Boonslick Regional Library, not only learned what scuba diving is, but they saw equipment up close and even tried on a Buoyancy Control Device (BCD).  

A Boonslick Library rep had this to say, “It was a great presentation. Kids and parents both really enjoyed it!” At the end of the presentation, students went home with Diventures stickers, drawstring bags and a new interest in scuba diving. 


Connor Hendricks showing students how to wear scuba gear and equipment.


Even adults enjoyed trying on the scuba gear.

North Liberty, IA 

North Liberty made a big splash at the Cedar Valley Montessori school this summer. They had two presentations with 20 students in attendance each time. Presenting was our Aquatics Experience Lead Hanna Gardner and our Store Manager Tory Miller also known as Scuba Steve! 

Hannah gave a hands-on water safety presentation all about the dos and don’ts when around water. Children also participated by demonstrating different types of lifesaving devices. Scuba Steve then dove right into an intro to scuba diving.  

Marcia Hughes of CV Montessori had this to say, “You’re a hit, Scuba Steve and Hannah!” 

cedar valley montessori

Hannah Gardner explaining different types of lifesaving devices.

cedar valley montessori

Troy Miller as Scuba Steve.

Omaha, NE 

This summer, Omaha Public Library’s Summer Reading Program theme was “Oceans of Possibilities”. Our team of experts presented an array of different underwater topics including shipwrecks, sharks, water safety and scuba diving. 

Omaha presented multiple water safety presentations throughout the summer. A few from our team even went to Springfield, NE to teach children about water safety! There were 25 students in attendance, making it the largest group of students they had all summer. During the presentation, students tried on lifejackets and scuba gear.  


Maria Lizardi gives water safety presentation outside of Diventures in Omaha.

The scuba diver and shark presentations were given by our Ocean Health and Conservation Education Coordinator Sabrina Severin, Customer Experience Specialist Grace Danielson and Social Media Specialist Autumn Wood. Students viewed cool and up-close photos and videos of sharks in the wild and had the chance to try on scuba gear. 

The shipwrecks presentation had 64 students ranging from 5 to 13 years old. This presentation was given by Diventures Dive Professional Aaron Parson. He loves shipwrecks and has dived many in his career.  

Students left each presentation with Diventures stickers, coloring pages and a new interest in what lies below the ocean’s surface.

Maria Lizardi and Nick Wees presenting water safety to students.

Sabrina Severin (left) and Grace Danielson (right) teach students scuba and gear basics.

Springfield, MO 

Springfield made its way to schools and education centers all over the city. In total, they gave ten presentations to over 720 students ranging from babies to 16-year-olds. Water safety topics included “Think so you don’t sink”, “Look before you leap” and the importance of swim lessons. Children also played fun games, sang songs and listened to children’s books—all related to water safety.  

A Republic schools rep said this, “We loved your water safety presentation. We can’t wait for you to come back!”  

The Dade County Library was grateful their children had this opportunity. “We really enjoyed you coming out to a rural area and providing a good learning opportunity for the community.” 

In the end, children went home with free swim trial passes and new lifesaving skills they can use when around water. 

republic schools

Shawntel Robertson teaching student’s all around Springfield the importance of water safety.

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