Student Sally Jones with her Swim Teacher Peyton Socia in Springfield, MO

At Diventures our vision is “Using our passion and the power of water to impact lives, change the world… and have fun doing it!” Here at Diventures we believe that everyone deserves to learn how to swim and enjoy the water. 

We want to highlight one special swim student, Sally, in Springfield who is learning to swim despite what some may consider challenges.  

Here is a letter her parents wrote to our Aquatics Experience Manager in Springfield: 

I wanted to send a message to say thank you to all your staff and especially to Sally’s swim teacher, Peyton.   

Sally has been so excited every week to go to swim lessons and visit with Mr. Peyton. She is working really hard to learn her kicks and scoops. Peyton’s patience with her is amazing. I watch them during the lesson, and I can see the joy on both of their faces from across the pool.  

I was apprehensive about putting her in a class as she blind and autistic, but Peyton seems to connect with her so well, and she loves following his instructions and getting the positive feedback when she improves her skills.   

We signed up for one month to see how she would do, but we have definitely decided to continue lessons and can’t wait to see how much she improves!  

Thank you all! 

Casi and Jeremy Jones 

We are so happy Sally’s parents decided to enroll her into lessons with us.   

“We work hard to ensure we can serve all of our community,” says Ben Snyder, Diventures Aquatics Program Director. “We are happy to accept any swimmer regardless of age and ability. Our mission is to ‘Lead the world in creating safety and fun in and around the water.’ We recognize that to achieve this goal, we must employ passionate people who are not only good at what they do but thoroughly enjoy doing it. Peyton is an excellent example of that passion being put into action.” 

Ben continues, “We believe, and Peyton shows here, that we need to build relationships with students for them to succeed. We want to spark joy in class to fuel a lifelong passion for the water beyond swim lessons. Our relationships mean the world to us, and we want everyone to know that no matter what age you are or what stage of life you are in, we are here to start or build on your aquatic journey.” 

Peyton Socia, Swim Teacher in Springfield, MO

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