Meet Nora Burns! Nora started lessons at Diventures as an entry level beginner swimmer in May 2022. This is what Nora’s mother had to say about swim lessons with us.

“We loved the weekly class schedule and the small class sizes. Nora has received a lot of individual instruction from several swimming teachers who have all challenged her to become a stronger swimmer and more sufficient with her strokes. With focus and coaching, she is now almost complete with Level 3 in the swimming passport – which has been a great motivator.”

“The Diventures team has also worked on self-lifesaving skills with her from intermittent bobbing to sleepy starfish to formal water treading in the deep end. The latter was especially important in Spring 2023 as Nora was preparing for Girl Scout sleep away camp. The camp required a swim test from all scouts on arrival day to determine their skill level and what “color band” they would receive which shows what and where they were permitted to swim during camp.”

“Immediately upon sharing the swim test requirements with the Diventures team, they had a group coach meeting with Nora. Each teacher who worked with Nora over the three months leading up to camp worked with her and tested her on each of the items required for the test, including treading water for a full 2 minutes. It is because of them that she had more confidence going into the swim test at GS camp. And for that we are very appreciative. ”

“We have loved working with everyone at Diventures and have continued to refer others to the program. And we love how the day camps during summer and school breaks are not only fun but also have swim instruction as part of the camp schedule and continues the discipline and importance of water safety.”

“Thank you to everyone at Diventures in Alpharetta!”


Experience top-tier swim lessons for kids at Diventures! With our expert-led lessons available in numerous locations nationwide, your child can dive into a world of water safety and confidence. Sign up for swim lessons today at a Diventures location near you to make a splash in their aquatic journey!

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