Mermaid and Myth Printable

Welcome to the mermaid cove, where all things mythical and magical exist. We have a great collection of mermaid worksheets designed for children to dive deeper into mythical sea creature stories and how those stories could turn into future careers.

These activity worksheets let children put their creativity to the test by designing their own mermaid tail, searching for mermaid and myth vocab, and writing their own mythical legend. They’re a perfect addition to any lesson or a fun activity for the whole family.

Download these worksheets and print in color or black and white.

Children love reading stories about beautiful mermaids and unique sea monsters, but what they might not realize is that they could turn those stories into a career! Marine archeologists and deep-sea marine biologists spend much of their time diving to the ocean floor. Marine archeologists excavate and restore massive shipwrecks and archeological sites. Deep-sea marine biologists study sea creatures in their habitats. It is common for both careers to see huge sharks and whales!

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