Safety and wellness

Safe swimming

Learn what we’re doing to ensure a safe environment for our families and staff.
New safety protocols may include the following, per state and local guidelines.

1 adult + 1 student and 5 minutes

Because we are limiting the number of people in our facility, family swim groups will be limited to 1 parent and 1 student.

Please arrive no earlier than 5 minutes before your swim class is scheduled to start.

Swim class changes

Swimmers will remain 6’ away from each other and their swim teacher.

Some classes will require the parent to be in the water with their child.

A limited number of students and parents will be in the natatorium at one time.

One-way flow

Swim families will enter the natatorium at their schedules start time.

When changing and exiting the facility, families will follow the one-way flow guided by staff.

Come ready to swim

Swimmers should arrive ready to get in the water – showered, swimsuit on, having used the restroom.

Bring your goggles

Swimmers are asked to bring their own goggles until further notice. We do have goggles available for purchase.

Augmented staff

Additional supervisory and safety staff are present, at a minimum a deck manager and a lifeguard will be on the pool deck.

Safe scuba

Scuba class changes

Please arrive no earlier than 10 minutes prior to your scheduled start time.

Your instructor will provide guidance on moving between the classroom, locker room and natatorium.

Pass the air

We have modified how we teach sharing air. The important steps of the skill remain the same, however no one will put someone else’s regulator in their mouth.

Bring your own gear

Scuba students are asked to bring their own mask, snorkel, fins, and boots. Additionally we ask you to bring your own regulator mouthpiece.

Safe facilities


Any yes within the last 14 days and we ask you to take care of yourself and stay home.

A fever

Any cold or flu-like symptoms

Close contact with someone who has been diagnosed with COVID-19

Water and HVAC

We sanitize our pool using sand filters and chlorination.

Plus, our pool water is filtered every 4 hours using UV filters.

Our natatorium is on its own, separate air handling and filtration system.

We automatically and manually check the chemical levels in our pool every 4 hours.

The CDC states there is no evidence of the virus spreading in pools and proper operation and sanitation of pools should remove or inactivate the virus.


Enhanced sanitizing protocols are in place.

All swim props and scuba rental/training gear is disinfected after each use.

Frequent disinfecting of all commonly touched areas.

Enhanced hourly and daily cleaning checklists.


Please wash your hands often. Soap and hand sanitizer are available throughout the building.

Staff health screening

All staff have their temperature checked and are screened for symptoms and risk factors.


The CDC states “People age 2 and older should wear masks in public settings and when around people who don’t live in their household.​” We are following all state and local mask regulations.

The rigorous water emergency response training that our team has completed is done without masks, so muscle memory of how to respond in an emergency does not include removing a mask. Therefore masks pose a drowning risk to our swimmers and staff while in the natatorium. Some locations may use plastic face shields.

Physical distancing

We are practicing physical distancing, maintaining 6 feet between each other.


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