October 24, 2022 -
 November 8, 2022

Philippines-SOLD OUT

Luxurious Jungle & Soft White Beaches

Where we are diving

Venture the Philippines to experience concierge-level diving every day! Starting your journey at the Atlantis Dive Resort for 3 nights and then travel aboard the Atlantis Azores Liveaboard for 9 nights. They have one of the most spacious camera facilities in the diving world, providing a climate-controlled area where you can use air guns to dry off your camera while viewing your photos on a 42-inch HD TV. When you’re on the liveaboard you’ll get the opportunity to explore a variety of islands throughout your trip. Most of the dives are done from tender boats that take divers on a short ride to reach the dive site. The Philippines offer you the unique chance to see the rare Thresher shark, Whale sharks, and a mighty school of Sardines. Join Trip Leaders, Joe and Angie Fuller for a relaxing and breathtaking diving experience!

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Registration closes on January 26, 2022.

Joe Fuller

Joe Fuller, Trip Leader

I am a level 8 diver and have been diving since 2007. I have traveled to many places to dive both in salt water and fresh water. I love to photograph the underwater world and share my experiences with others.
Angie Fuller

Angie Fuller, Trip Leader

My love for diving started with my dad, a Navy diver in Vietnam, teaching me how to snorkel in our swimming pool. After my first successful pool dive, I was hooked. I am a level 8 diver and my husband Joe and I both instruct for Diventures; we love sharing our passion for diving with others. My favorite sea creature is the seahorse, and my latest focus has been on digital videography and capturing the action to share with others back on land.

Resort Details


Where we are staying

Throughout your tropical excursion you’ll stay at two amazing accommodations. The luxurious resort, Atlantis Dive Resort – Dumaguete and the Azores Liveaboard. The resort is a relaxing thirty-minute drive from the local airport, on a long peaceful stretch of beach. Surrounded by an amazing tropical garden with some of the rarest plants to be found in the Philippines. A short trip to some of the most renowned dive sites in Asia – Apo Island, Siquijor, and of course the local Dauin Marine Sanctuaries. You can refresh in the pool that is surrounded by lush greenery and a relaxing waterfall. After you take a dip in the pool you can stop into the newly renovated spa that has 4 private treatment rooms and then dine at Toko’s restaurant that is settled right on the beach. With new food options every meal and a wide variety of beverages, including the best coffee in town, you won’t want to leave!

After a full day of diving on the liveaboard you can rinse off in the warm, freshwater showers on the dive deck and grab a snack. All of the meals on board are prepared with fresh ingredients every day and cater to all dietary needs. All rooms have climate-controlled air conditioning, hairdryers, shower gel, and you have your own private bathroom!

Philipines boats

Learn more about the accommodations from the resort website.

Philipines diving

Trip Details



  • All Locations: $5,250 per diver

Deposit and payments

  • $1,000 deposit due upon sign up
  • $1,000 due October 1, 2020
  • $1,500 due February 1, 2021
  • Full payment due May 1, 2022

Other info

  • Non-diver: $4,720 all locations
  • Prices are based upon double occupancy
  • All payments are non-refundable
  • Prices are subject to change due to events outside of our control

Recommended courses

  • Enriched Air Nitrox
  • Fish Identification
  • Photo & Video
  • Night Diving & Limited Visibility

What’s included

  • 3 nights at Atlantis Dumaguete
  • 9 nights on Azores Liveaboard
  • Nitrox
  • Unlimited boat dives – up to 5 dives/day
  • RT transfers Manila to Dumaguete
  • All meals and beveragesBreakfast

What’s not included

Recommended equipment

  • Surface Marker Buoy and Reel
  • Fish ID – Philippines slate
  • Sola Dive 1200

What prior travelers say

This is going to be a unique trip. Not only will you get to enjoy the macro marine life on the island of Dumaguete, but we will also snorkel with the largest fish in the world, WHALE SHARKS! Plus an opportunity to see thresher sharks. Did I mention the macro? What about the many different cephalopods? Don’t know what a cephalopods is? Come on this trip and find out! I’ll give you a hint, there is a blue ring involved.

Joe F.

Important Details


Know before you go


The local currency is the Philippines Peso (Php). Personal charges are billed in pesos. Payments can be made using either cash or credit cards. All major currencies are accepted (based on the daily exchange rate), but change due will be given in pesos only. We do not offer foreign exchange services at the resorts. We suggest you do not rely on ATM machines as the machines are prone to technical failure, may be out of cash or may not support your card.

Tap water is NOT drinkable. Only drink bottled/purified water.

Please check with your physician to see if you need any vaccines before you travel to the Philippines.

Children learn to speak both Tagalog and English in school so you’re unlikely to encounter anyone who can’t speak at least a little English. You’ll have no trouble reading street signs, menus, or anything else as they’re all written in English.

Dress is very casual and traveling light is recommended – swimsuits, shorts, t-shirts, sandals and possibly a sweatshirt or light jacket for the evenings. Hat, sunglasses and sun screen/protection are of course highly recommended, as the sun is very intense even on partially cloudy or cooler days.

Luggage restrictions
Philippines Office for Transportation Security has issued new rules that include ‘Scuba Diving Equipment’ (including regulators) on the list of blunt instruments that are not to be in carry-on/cabin baggage on flights originating within the Philippines. Please ensure that all scuba equipment is secured within checked-in baggage on all domestic flights and on all departing international flights.

Power is 220V. Sockets are flat two or three pin – American style.


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