July 24, 2020 -
 July 26, 2020

Bonne Terre Mine

Deep earth diving

Where we are diving

Bonne Terre Mine is one of the top 10 adventures in the Midwest. When the world’s largest lead mine, was all mined out, the pumps were turned off and the water trickled in to fill the void. The dive deck hovers on the surface of the water, 150 ft from the terra firma. Underwater pillars, shafts, archways, walls, and ceiling stretch for miles in all directions creating a mesmerizing maze. There are more than 50 planned trails open to the public. You will be greeted with electric blue water which is the result of 500,000 wats of high-power stadium lighting.

Bonne Terre mine

Resort Details


Where we are staying

The Bonne Terre Depot, which is located 2 blocks from the mine, features a Bed and Breakfast that has 4 guest rooms and 2 detached train car suites. The national historic depot was constructed in 1909 by St. Joseph Lead as the hallmark of the MR&BT railroad.

The Depot provides coffee, rolls, and juice in the mornings and WIFI for all guests.

Bonne Terre Mine
Bonne Terra mine divers

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