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Are you looking to gift your diver with excitement and adventure? Diventures offers over 20 different specialty courses for divers and non-divers alike. But we’ve laid out one of the top courses that will make your diver’s heart race and get them excited to go explore ocean floors below. Night diving.

When the sun goes down, there’s a whole different side of the underwater world. Night diving is for the adventure seekers who want to experience incredible marine life that only comes out at night. They’ve dove many times during the day and are now ready for the next challenge.

What To Expect

In this course, divers will learn about the specialty equipment and communication skills needed to dive with limited visibility and complete darkness. This class is the best way to practice the techniques they will need to become a safe and confident night diver. The scene changes after dark. Day creatures retire and nocturnal organisms emerge. They’ll be able to watch creatures come to life under the glow of their dive light.

At night the ocean floor becomes more colorful and alluring. The silence while surrounded by complete darkness can be a very exciting feeling and one they won’t forget. When they rifle through their old photos and video clips, they’ll always remember that you were the one who helped them pursue an amazing and lifechanging challenge. And maybe they’ll even name an octopus or crab after you!

Add this course to your gift list this year and your diver will be ready to become a Master Diver in no time! This is not a gift that will be tossed out anytime soon. It’s something that will last your diver a lifetime. How many people can say they’ve ever received a gift like that?

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