Struggling with what to get your child, grandchild. significant other, or parent for Christmas this year? How about an experience?

We’ve all spent countless internet searches trying to find the “perfect” gift, but we always come up short. Instead of spending time trying to find something that will probably get tossed on the shelf after a few uses, spend time getting them an experience they will never forget.  

Experience gifts are very popular at the moment, and unlike tangible gifts, a special experience will never go out of style. Now the only question is “what kind of experience?” Well, think about the person you’re buying for. Do they like travel? Animals? Adventure? What’s on their bucket list that you can help make happen? What’s something unique that THEY don’t even know they want to do yet? 

Still having some trouble coming up with an experience that will last a lifetime? We’ve come up with a list of suggestions that are not only unique but will definitely be a favorite under the tree. 



Any grandparents out there that have no clue what to get their grandkids this year? Have you ever thought about swim lessons? Not only will they learn lifelong survival and safety skills, but they’ll also have fun doing it. Seeing the smile on their face when they nail a new technique is priceless. You can even pair it with a stuffed sea animal or a pair of goggles for under the tree.


Scuba diving is already a unique experience in itself. Not many people can say they know how to breathe underwater. It’s a bucket list item for many, but they just haven’t found the time or know where to start. From entrylevel to open water diver certifications, to specialty classes, there is something for every age and level of experience. Once they take their first breathe underwater or become a Master Diver, they’ll always remember you’re the one who helped them get there. 


Is your significant other already scuba certified and ready to hit the blue ocean waters? Or is your family looking for a Caribbean get away? Travel is the perfect experience gift because it is the ultimate experience. Exploring a unique island, relaxing poolside, and swimming with sharks are all things you can’t give in a physical package. And who knows, they may even invite you along for the trip, or at least show you their awesome photos when they come back!