Table Rock Lake

Meet our team

Don Peterson

Instructor Certifier

Don is a level 10 diver, has been diving since 1964 and teaching safe scuba since 1966. He’s a world-traveling diver with extensive experience and a former scuba shop owner. He loves the people he teaches, getting to share with them his love of the sea, and making sure they enjoy safe diving!

Phone: 417.883.5151

Doug Baker

Open Water Diver Instructor

After learning to dive in 2008, I knew I needed to share my passion for introducing students to scuba and helping them to become safe and comfortable divers.

Phone: 417.883.5151

Erin White

Store Manager
Open Water Diver Instructor

Erin was a competitive swimmer growing up and has always had a love for the water. Her background in retail and her experience as a level 5 diver make her a valuable member of the team. Erin’s favorite thing to do is help others become passionate about the underwater world.

Phone: 417.883.5151

Keri Dozier

Assistant Store Manager

My happy place has always been on a boat and in the water! I have a background in education and a strong passion for adventure. I’ve had the amazing experience of living on a boat and cruising, as well as owning and operating a Personalized Boating Charter business in the Florida Keys with my husband, Captain Scott. I am a level 1 diver always looking forward to the next dive to explore our amazing world underneath the surface.

Phone: 417.334.2628

Molly Earnhardt

Retail Associate

I am a level 1 diver, certified when I was 10 with my family. I am always at the lake, it’s my second home. I have been diving Mexico and Table Rock Lake and look forward to diving more places!

Phone: 417.334.2628

Scott Dozier

Boat Captain

I acquired my USCG OUPV/50 Ton Master Boat Captain license while living aboard, cruising, and operating a Personalized Boating Charter business specializing in snorkeling excursions with my wife, Keri, on the Florida East Coast and in the Florida Keys. I am a Level 5 diver, certified in 1994, with several specialties and a variety of diving experiences. My whole life, I have had a deep passion for the water, whether it’s cruising on or under the surface.

Phone: 417.334.2628

Wade Gipson

Assistant Instructor

Wade has been diving since his open water certification in 1996. He has made hundreds of local lake dives and many freshwater, wreck and saltwater dives worldwide. Wade is excited to share his local diving insight and scuba knowledge with those new and old to the sport.

Phone: 417.883.5151

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