Store Manager

Job Title: Store Manager
Hiring Location: Fitchburg/Sun Prairie, Omaha

Positions Open: 2
Job Type: Full time

Role Description

Diventures, the nation’s fastest growing swim and scuba center, with locations across four states, is seeking a Store Manager for our two Madison, Wisconsin locations and a Store Manager for our flagship Omaha, Nebraska location. In this leadership role, you’ll oversee all aspects of the store’s swim and scuba programs, including employee hiring, training, customer service, facility management and more. We’re looking for a strong leader to hire, train, motivate and coach our people on how to set and meet goals, be passionate about our customers and, in general, be their best, in all they do. With this much responsibility, we’re seeking an individual with swim or scuba program operations and management experience – managing the location as if you owned it – balanced with strong team-building and people skills. Solid local knowledge and deep community roots will put you at the top of the list. You won’t be alone, though, as you will have great support from a team of shared services subject matter experts.

Key Tasks & Responsibilities

Your primary areas of action include:

  • Be a strong team leader. Our valued employees will rely on your coaching and leadership. Your swim workforce – lifeguards and teachers – will likely be on the younger side, so you may have to deal with high turnover. You’ll need to do your best to attract and retain talent, while consistently adding to your pipeline of new employees so your programs can run efficiently.
  • Provide an excellent customer experience by ensuring exceptional facilities, people, and programs. You are a people person and always put customers first. You’ve got what it takes to make sure that facilities are in great shape, at all times. And you’ve got the “take-charge” and delegation skills to make sure all your teams and programs are running flawlessly.
  • Scheduling, organizing, and oversight of all aquatics/swim classes and events. Excellent organizational skills and the ability to multi-task is a must in this role. You’ll be leading the effort on the ground, with support from an Aquatics Manger, to ensure all aspects of your up to 900+ student program run efficiently, safely, and according to schedule.
  • Provide a safe swimming environment. At Diventures, safety is the highest priority. You’ll be reliably executing all internal pool safety initiatives and requirements, while also adhering to all applicable state and local pool regulations.
  • Ensure customer satisfaction. You’ll be the main contact for parents and their children, so great people skills are a must. When challenges or problems arise, you’ll troubleshoot and problem-solve to ensure the customer is happy.

Key Personality Attributes

You’ll be part of a fast-growing and dynamic organization with a fun and exciting start-up spirit and culture. Strong leaderships chops and great coaching skills are must in this pivotal position. You’ll have a very broad array of responsibilities, so you’ll need to love juggling a lot of balls. You’ll need to decisively delegate, smartly prioritize, and thrive in our multi-task and fast-paced environment every single day. Collaboration with your peers, employees, and customers is a must too, so your people and teamwork skills will come in handy.

Skills & Experiences

With so many varied leadership and management responsibilities, experience in industries where multi-tasking is essential – service, restaurant, retail – is extremely valuable. Other desired skills and expertise include:

  • Financial acumen is needed in this role. An understanding of profitability factors, as well as the ability to read P&L statements, decipher analytics, manage expenses and budgets, and other skills to build a profitable location are essential.
  • Experience with any point-of-sale (POS) system is a plus, including a basic understanding of how these types of platforms are used. You’ll also need to ensure staff is properly trained on the POS system.
  • Facilities management experience will take you far. Because the Diventures customer experience hinges largely on the quality, cleanliness, and overall enjoyment of our facilities, having some expertise in managing a large facility is a must.
  • Retail merchandising experience will ensure our onsite swimming and scuba gear store is well-stocked and offers customers the shopping experience they deserve. Knowledge of best practices in store layouts, inventory, merchandising, display strategies and more will come in handy.
  • A solid understanding of swim and scuba gear will be valuable in this role. Scuba, in particular, is a very gear-oriented and technical activity, so familiarity and personal experience with this equipment will be helpful in this role.

How to Apply

Submit a resume to:
Omaha: Will Munroe at
Fitchburg/Sun Prairie: Ben Snyder at