Dive Professional

Job Title: Dive Professional
Hiring Locations: North Liberty, Omaha, Springfield

Positions Available: Multiple available
Job Type: Part time or full time

Role Description

The purpose of this role is to create safe and comfortable divers, instill a passion for diving in each candidate, create a need for equipment ownership and continuing education, and create active divers.

Key Responsibilities & Duties

  • Develop safe, comfortable divers through education and training.
  • Foster continuing sales by educating clients on the importance of owning maintaining gear, continuing training, and promoting the adventure of diving.
  • Develop relationships with clients to create trusting partnerships and deliver information effectively.
  • Extend the organizational brand to maintain existing clients and attract new ones.
  • Use and promote equipment that Diventures sells.

How to Apply

Download and submit an employment application (PDF) to:
Ben Snyder at bsnyder@diventures.com
North Liberty: Ryan Bruns at rbruns@diventures.com
Omaha: Erika Roberts at eroberts@diventures.com
Springfield: Ryan Oestreich at roestreich@diventures.com
Ben Snyder at bsnyder@diventures.com